Why A Blog?! Who Am I?!


Inspire. Help. Share. Love. Release.

Those words are the reasoning why I created this blog. There is a purpose, rhyme, and reason for everything. Everything has a vibration, an energy.
I’m a writer. I’m a singer. I’m a fashionista. I color. I paint. I make things. I’m just an all around creative person from the root of my soul.

I stopped writing for awhile because I was just stumped. It gotten so bad that I forgot that I was a writer. So sad.

A prophet made a prophecy back in February 2013 to me and said that I needed to start writing again and that I was going to. I was confused because that part of me had been dormant for so long. I really had to think when did I ever write and how did she know this?! And here I am..writing again. Wow, right?!

It always feels good to know that you’re not alone in your struggles or whatever it may be. I’m really excited about this place. I get to share all of my business..yep I said it cause that’s what it is..my BUSINESS lol..right here with whoever is interested enough to want to know. Some things are left unsaid but some things need to be released in order to move on to another phase in your life. Therapy, right?! Yeah. That’s how I look at it in a way. In doing that, you never know who you might be touching or inspiring through your story and your experiences. You never know who is watching. So if you’ve read this far, THANK YOU and I really appreciate you!

This is actually my second blog. I used to have a site called Long Nails Typing Keys which was very successful but I couldn’t keep up with posting because life happens lol. People kept asking when I would create another blog again. I wanted to make sure I had things to talk about. I wanted to be inspired enough to write. God has a way of allowing life to happen so you can come back to a place where you have experiences and things to share. It’s the same way in writing songs, you need new life to happen in order to be able to write good songs. So here we are!

I’m excited about having a new place to release and be me. Be ready for anything because I will be talking about everything under the sun lol! With words, photos, videos, music, etc. I’ll be sharing some of the most intimate sides of me. I have to keep some things to myself but it’s good to let go in order to make room for the new.

If you are someone I personally know by friendship, gigged with, liked, loved, notsomuch liked lol, or even a family member who has had some type of impact on me..you are liable to end up in one of my posts. Hahaaaa!!! But don’t worry, I won’t just put your name out there. I will always ask you first if it’s necessary, but for the most part I will not do that. But you WILL be a “character” in all of this. Yo! What do you expect? It’s my world here, my life lol I’m just saying 🙂

This will be the most random blog you’ll probably ever encounter from in depth concepts and philosophies I have to fashion/makeup to talks about what’s going on in the entertainment industry to love & relationships. I’ll be talking about old experiences and new experiences. Just EVERYTHING!

I have just embarked on a new journey in my life by moving from St.Louis, MO. to Los Angeles, CA. to follow my dreams in music. This is my second time relocating here but this time I’m here to stay. I have so much to say, so much to share. I’ve learned a lot and keep learning everyday. I hope to inspire someone through my experiences. It’s a grind out here but a grind worth blazing. God is definitely looking out and my light in all of this. This will be a journey, a journal, my world, my life, my opinions, my creativity, my artistry…ALL ME!!

Feel free to comment and share whatever you’d like. Let’s make this a conversation.

So stay tuned by scrolling back up, look in the right column, and click there to hop on my emailing list to stay up to date with new posts. Thank you and WELCOME!! Let’s goooooo!!


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