The Sweet Spot


“When your personality comes to fully align with the energy of your soul and you allow your soul to be the guide, that’s when you are the most powerful. That is AUTHENTIC POWER. That’s the sweet spot. We were all born to live in the sweet spot.”– Gary Zukav

Imagine being multi-scensory.

Imagine an expansion beyond your 5 senses (taste, sight, sound, touch, smell).

Imagine becoming AWARE of the big, “Why?”. Those things that come up that our 5 senses have nothing to do with like instinct and intuition.

When I say the big “Why?” I mean, the knowing that there is a reason why our life exists and things happen. Maybe the big “Why?” is our FAITH. It is God. He is our 6th sense. He is the creator of the SOUL.

Nothing can keep you away from fulfilling your purpose but YOU. Your purpose is yours and only yours. God made you specific to your purpose and assigned the path for you to fulfill it. No one can take it away or give it to you, it’s already in you.

And when I sit and think about the Fruits Of The Spirit, we have to live by those fruits. That is AUTHENTIC POWER.

In order to be able to share our gifts that God gave us and allow Him to make “room” for us, we have to get to that SWEET SPOT. We have to know what that is for ourselves. It’s an individual quest. No one else can do it for us.

Let me share something with you.
The way I feel when I’m singing is like none other.
The way I feel when I give is like none other.
The way I feel when I create is like none other.
The way I feel when I’m writing is like none other.
The way I feel when I’m learning something new by reading a good book or attending a seminar so I can take those tools for myself and also spread what I’ve learned to the next person to HELP them…that feeling is like none other.

All of those things were put inside of me because they all align with who I am at the core. They all align with what God put me here on assignment to do.
So when I’m doing any of those things, I feel at peace. I feel at “home”. I feel fulfilled and accomplished. I can be having the worst day but if I do any of those things, it all goes away and puts me back in alignment with what I’m here to do.

When we use those gifts, our power becomes authentic. You can’t do anything but succeed because the favor of God takes over. You’re using what He gave you to use for the right reasons. It all works together.

If we can all figure out how to get to our Sweet Spots and stay there, geeeeesh this world would be amazing.

I continue to learn day by day. I just want God to be pleased with me, that’s all. I get these AHA moments and want to share. Thank you all so much for rocking with me. I appreciate your love and support.

Sending love, light, and blessings!!


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