Addictive Thinking & Relationships : Setting Limits on Yourself {Video}


So in continuing to gain more knowledge, I attracted this amazing video. I had to share. I’ve always known that our thoughts are very important based on The Word of God. But as I dig even deeper into knowing, I’m finding how our thoughts become our own personal LAW. You REALLY have to watch your thoughts because they will become your reality, your government. Hence the title of this blog, we really create our own circumstances.

When it comes down to relationships and we join up with someone, love eventually comes into the picture. It always starts with infatuation. We call it the “honeymoon phase”. Of course everything is going to be butterflies and rainbows. That other person and yourself can’t do no wrong. Everything is roses.

But LOVE comes.

LOVE itself pushes out anything not like it. It purges whatever is not of LOVE out of you because ultimately the relationships we end up in that are truly LOVE are just mirrors. That’s why during this phase the riffs and disagreements between you and the other person start happening. The love is purging everything out that isn’t of itself. All the toxic thinking comes out.

This is usually where most “break ups” happen. But it can surface in any type of relationship, friendships, business partners, family, etc.

We run from it rather than face ourselves to become better and grow. I’m learning that. Most people are not willing to do the work. Or they are so unaware and unawake that they believe nothing is wrong with them. Or they are always right. You can’t become better always being the teacher. You have to always remain the student too. Remain humble.

It’s all about the limitations that you set on yourself. If your vibration is on a certain level, you will definitely begin to recognize when someone or yourself is dealing with a personal law/belief. It’s government and you train every part of yourself to abide by that law you create.

Check the video out…amazing!!



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