Let God Write Your Love Story


Whoever we are supposed to be with will pursue you. They will want you. They will do whatever they have to do to gain your heart. Men are natural hunters. It’s in their nature to hunt.
Now let me say this, we are in this new age where the roles have somewhat flipped. And people say, “Times have changed. Women can approach men now.”
I have nothing against that but at some point you have to let a man do what is innate, hunt.

Stop chasing someone who doesn’t want you. And sometimes it’s not who you are. That person just isn’t FOR you. And don’t allow a man to string you along either. We all have choices. You can choose to wait and see if he chooses you. But if he wanted you the same way you want him there wouldn’t be a decision to make.
He wouldn’t want you to feel like you are an option and he would want you to his self. He would recognize your worth and your value.

I encourage every lady reading this right now to BE FOUND. A Godly guy will find you, pursue you, gain your heart, and never let you go. He will do what it takes to keep you. He will be a mirror. He will accept you when you’re down and when you’re up. Good relationships are containers for growth. They allow you to see yourself so you can grow to the next level together.

It’s important for us ladies to get alone and truly be with Christ to know who we are. If you don’t know who you are you’ll allow a man to come along and define that for you.
I’ve seen women literally throw themselves on men especially being in the music industry. It’s OK to be nice, speak, and say hi in passing. But chill. Don’t go after that man. A man can spot a needy woman a mile away.

And this is a big one and should never be overlooked….

If he does not love God he cannot love you properly. What is his standard? How can anyone know how to love if he doesn’t love God? God is love. Love is God. And anyone can talk with their mouth and say, “Yeah, I love God. I go to church every Sunday. I pray. I tithe. I do this or that.” I need to see you actively in pursuit of God’s approval of your entire life. Does your life bear His fruit?
You have to be able to trust the man you choose to lead you. Ladies, we have to be comfortable with being submissive in certain situations. Now mind you, being submissive and being a pushover or being taken advantage of is two totally different things. That’s a whole different post. But you have to trust that man’s judgment. And if he has a heart for God, he will not mistreat that authority that God gives him. Does he keep his word? Does he follow through with what he says he is going to do? Or is he always breaking promises? Those are important values to look for.
There are Godly men out there. Don’t feel like they are not. Trust God and just live your life.

God wants all of you. He wants all of your attention. When you cut off all that baggage and people from your past, it leaves God space and room to bring who he really wants to be in your life. Or he clears the view to show you who he wants to stay.

Marriage is a responsibility. It’s ministry. It’s more than a pair of thighs in your bed. If you’re not ready to minister to your husband/wife by dying to yourself, dying to your thoughts, attitudes, nagging mouth..whatever is of self you’re not ready.
You have to truly submit your life to Christ. Don’t settle.

Life is so much greater than marriage, than a ring on your finger. Why do we rush?! If that is all you want, the enemy is going to have a field day with you. That’s easy to get. There will be all kind of men coming at you that have pieces of what you want and you’ll settle just to get that ring and to change your relationship status. That’s so whack. I know I want a Godly, meaningful, fulfilled relationship. I want my guy to worship God, yield to His word, and see me as God sees me…fearfully and wonderfully made with all my flaws. Not everyone can give that or even want that.

Take your time. Live. Focus on God. Focus on your spiritual growth. Take care of your own heart. Yeah, you might’ve given your heart to God but did you renew your mind regarding relationships. If that man is not in pursuit of you in a Godly way, he isn’t it. Keep it moving. It’s that simple. Let God have it all.
In the meantime, live and enjoy your life!!

Thanks for reading.

Sending peace, love, and light!!



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