Video : What A Relaxer/Texturizer Is REALLY Doing To Your Hair

Some of you might already know from some of my previous posts that I have been on a natural hair journey since February. I did the big chop right before Valentines Day this year (2013). My hair had gotten so damaged from years of relaxing and weaving that I almost had no choice but to start over. I spent a lot of time researching natural hair before I did it but I really didn’t start learning until I actually did it.

Here I am right after I big chopped (left) and currently (right).

I am not trying to convert anyone or anything like that. As I am still learning and considered a newbie, I just want to share my experiences in learning my own hair and the education I’ve learned along the way.

One big misconception about hair is that it’s all the same. Well when we all relax our hair, it DOES somewhat become the same. Boooooo!! So boring!lol

But when you transition back to your natural hair, YOUR HAIR is YOUR HAIR just like your DNA. No one else has hair like yours. So in that, you have to learn what works best for YOUR hair. I’ve pretty much got a hair regimen down finally but I had to try different products and different methods to see what worked best for MY hair. You can take suggestions from other naturalistas but you have to find out what YOUR hair likes.

Everything you’ve ever learned about taking care of your relaxed hair goes completely out the window. Natural hair is totally different and much more versatile. You can wear it curly, kinky, or straightened without chemicals. It’s almost like learning how to walk all over again. Remember also that a “texturizer” is just as harmful. African-American hair is ALREADY texturized naturally. You just have to find the right product to define your curls.

Since I’ve become natural I absolutely LOVE my own hair. I love my curls. I take pride in my hair texture and knowing that it’s all me. I get so many compliments on my hair especially being on the west coast. So many black women here wear weaves.

Mind you, I still wear wigs and protective styles but only because I like wearing different looks. Not because I’m hiding from having to wear my natural hair. As my natural hair gets longer, which it is, I will be able to do a lot more to it than just wash-n-gos lol. I’m very excited about my growth and the health of my hair now.

Everytime I step out, I get men and women coming up to me saying to not change it. Trust, I will never go back to putting that “stuff” in my hair. I wish I would’ve educated myself sooner. The more I learn about what exactly is in a relaxer and the damage it does, I’m so happy I made the decision to go natural.

This video explains in detail exactly what is in a relaxer, what it does, and the damage it causes. Continue to do your research. You’ll be surprised. From what I know now, I really feel like relaxers and texturizers should have never been legal. Enjoy!


One thought on “Video : What A Relaxer/Texturizer Is REALLY Doing To Your Hair

  1. I went through the same process almost two years ago. Relaxing my hair just got too expensive and personally I don’t like keeping my hair off. I was never an advocate of weave. So it all came off. Never have looked back. I love it!

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