For The Ladies : Pt.2 Choosing A Man Who Is Spiritually and Emotionally On Your Level


This is the conclusion from the previous PT.1 post. If you haven’t read that, please do when you get a chance.
So how DO you choose a man who is spiritually/emotionally on your level?

You’re not always going to be at the same place spiritually but you at least need to be close.
It’s important that we expand and contract. Ideally, you and your partner would want to be in the same sequence. Most times that’s not the case.

So metaphorically speaking, if you are in college and your mate is in preschool there is no sense in waiting. It hinders him in getting the lessons he needs and hinders you from your growth also.

Ok so back to the question, how do you choose?!

Well ladies, you don’t! Never, ever, Ever, EVER search for a guy.

There is no reason for that. You are a goddess. A goddess does not HUNT for Mr.Right. She attracts him.

The only spiritual journey you need to worry about is your own. Don’t look for a guy that is on your level. He will reveal his self.

You have to ask yourself who are you? What does your soul want? Are you truly honoring your life and what you were put here to do?

Are you in a dead end job that doesn’t fulfill you? Are you making excuses for settling out of fear?

You were put here for a purpose. You have a mission to accomplish through your purpose. Are you bringing honor to your life?

You have to learn how to live your dream, within your means. But LIVE it!!
When you become truly interested in your soul’s evolution and really care, you start caring about others and their souls evolution. The people that will cross your path come to you by divine plan. There is nothing for you to do.
Stop the chasing. Stop the sorting out. When you are with a guy who is on your level, it is going to be revealed in time.

Time is a great revealer.

Use time to be the revealer that it is. Don’t just jump into a relationship. Don’t just give your physical temple that is so sacred and so precious to the first man who gives compliments and is nice to you.

Honor yourself. Don’t be so desperate cause that is exactly what you will attract.

Learn how to be on your own. You can pick. The final say comes from you. Don’t let your desperation for romance be a stumbling block to the evolution of the men in your life. Let them learn their own lesson on their own terms. It will only be a hinderance for them and a setback for you if you do that.

Let him meet someone that is on his level. Let him do the journey with that person. Then he grows and goes on to the next person and maybe the next person..and then he might finally be on the same level as you are.

But just because a guy isn’t on your level doesn’t mean he never will get there. It just means don’t wait for him.
And while he is on his own journey WITHOUT you, don’t dibble dabble in his life or let him do it to you. Let go!

If he is yours, he will return. Because what is yours will always be yours. It can’t be taken away from you.


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