“I’ll Meet Up With Yall Later” – The Road Less Traveled


Sometimes you have to take the road less traveled, the path few will go to get to where you want to be. Eventually once you get on that path, you will definitely meet up with the others later, IF they are meant to be there.

My spirit is so lifted today. It’s not just because of myself but for some of my dear friends/family that have me on 100 too. I’ve been TURNT UP all day and it’s only getting started. It’s just now 6:30pm here Pacific Time. I’m so incredibly happy today. It’s just an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I have.

I got the job! The job that I know will take me to the places I need to go to get to where I’m trying to get. I finally got it in the city of my dreams.

This was my SECOND time around in LA. The first time things just didn’t work out. It was difficult for me to find a job and I had no choice but to go back home to St.Louis to regroup. I knew that I wanted to come back out, but honestly I didn’t know how or when being that my finances were shot. I knew people were going to have stuff to say. “Hmph. I knew she would be back.” or “She isn’t leaving again.” or “I knew she wouldn’t make it. LA is too expensive. LA is this..LA is that.” But I didn’t care. No one is living your life but you. No one knows what you go through or what your circumstances are. And the ones that talk are the main ones who are just mad that they can’t do what you’re doing or don’t have the guts to do it. F*** em!!

I went back home and started gigging the city singing around town and basically doing the same thing I was doing before I left. I settled for a job doing makeup at Sephora and just lived off of gig money too. I started getting comfortable again but there still was an unbearable desire to be back in California that I had.

So I just started speaking things into existence. I started speaking exactly what I wanted to happen. I believed that some way some how I was going to be able to go back to my NEW home in my heart.

I could’ve just stayed where I was and got a corporate job. I probably would’ve ended up getting in a relationship, settling down, marriage, and then the kids would’ve came. I would’ve just been stuck. Why do that to myself?!

So my bandmate and Sis Foxx was relocating too. She allowed me to ride out to LA with her to help her drive. I hopped on the opportunity.
I literally left with 2 suitcases, a food stamp card, and little to no cash in my pocket. I had no idea what was going to happen. It took us 2 days to get here from St.Louis. When we both got to LA we kind of had to separate and swim on our own. You don’t understand it at the time but God knows all. All things work together for our good. It’s been 3 months of waiting, tears, sleepless nights, etc but I’m a survivor. But yet at the same time I felt my pain was for a purpose so there was this undercurrent of peace I had ANYWAY. That peace that surpassed all understanding because I knew that things would be alright.

I will NEVER EVER give up!!

I am relentless. I won’t stop until it happens. I could’ve easily settled and gave up. Most people would have went back to their comfort zone the first time and never tried again. Don’t be most people.

FORGET THAT!! I wasn’t having it. My God is too faithful for me to give up on His promise. I said, “The heck with it. I’m out of here at ALL costs!!”

Now everything is starting to finally fall into place. I will be able to move like I want to move. Navigate how I want to navigate.
This is only the beginning.

A few of my other folks will be headed out here soon too. It’s definitely going to be the STLMigration lol I’m so very proud of them. It’s difficult to come from a city where everyone knows you to a place where you have to start ALL the way over. It’s super scary. But in order to go to the next level, you HAVE to place yourself in POSITION to get there. There is no way around it. Most people don’t have the audacity to do it.

But with everything you lose, you’ll gain that much more just off of your faith and determination to stand on His promise for your life.

I’m so happy and so proud today. I want to say a prayer. Pray with me please.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You so much for Your continuous blessings You rain on me. Thank You for Your grace and Your mercy Father. Thank You for the peace, joy, and happiness I’m filled with. I know all of that comes from You. Without You, I would not have had the strength to make it through. You have continued to carry me and support me in this endeavor. I thank You for what You’ve done and will continue to do. I know that sometimes I might have a little bit of doubt. Please forgive me for those moments. But I know that all things work for those who love You and live according to Your will. And Your will is what I want to be in..no one elses, not even my own. Thank You for the courage and audacity to stand on Your promises for my life. You are so faithful. I know through You all things are possible. Thank You!

In Jesus’ Name,


4 thoughts on ““I’ll Meet Up With Yall Later” – The Road Less Traveled

  1. Love you sis we are here we are here! And getting it! Congrats on perseverance and a dream job!

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