God and The Gym Make It All Better


On Facebook the other day I posted a status that read, “Ain’t nothing God and the gym can’t solve.” Yeah..I meant to say, “Ain’t” lol. I know, coooountry!!
But anyway, this has literally become my mantra especially when I get in my feelings.
As soon as I start having defeating thoughts, I snap out of it real quick when I say this to myself. I pray, give it to God, and go to the gym.

Even if I already worked out for the day, I go again. Working out has truly become my refuge. It keeps me focused and I release so much tension.
Sweating feels like a cleanser to me. I’ve never really had skin issues and I’ve always been moderately active. But since I’ve been working out consistently on a daily basis, my skin has been super clear. The body changing has just become secondary. I just wanted to feel better.

I rest way better than I used to and I’m so much more at ease.

I say all of this because if any of you have been having a hard time or going through something, definitely look to God first. Know that He has you and all things work together for your good. Take your hands off of it and give it to Him. Some things we have no control over, but God does especially when it has to do with another person. Give yourself a break. He sees what we don’t. He is omnipresent so He goes where we can’t. Give Him the wheel and let Him drive.

But one thing you can somewhat control is your health. Working out and making sure I eat right has become a huge part of my life. If I don’t get in a good workout and sweat, I feel icky. I have to do it. When I’m eating reasonably and nourish my body with the right foods, I feel so good from the inside out. Now don’t get me wrong every now and then I might have a small fry or a small sundae lol but I get right back on track. I make sure I go extremely hard in my next workout if I do that.

Especially dealing with a brokenheart, rejection, disappointment, or any kind of emotional pain combining prayer and being more active will really help. Just knowing you have the strength and courage to fight through it will bring on a certain pride in really taking care of YOU. Nourish yourself.

During the storm, remain steadfast. Stay productive as much as you can. A little nice walk or jog in the park can make all the difference. I talk to Him while I workout all the time. He helps me keep going. Especially when I’m working out outside amongst nature, His creations, I have great conversations with Him. After I’m done, I just lay in the grass under a tree or on the beach and the sun is shining right on me and praise His name. I just tell Him, “Thank You Lord” over and over again as I cooldown until I almost go into a meditative state. It’s so relaxing.

It seems like the more I’ve let go of certain things through this new mantra, the more wonderful things have been manifesting in my life. God is really showing out. He always does.

“I give myself away so You can use me.” – William McDowell


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