There Is Something About Being Uncomfortable


It’s so easy to stay in a comfortable position. It’s safe. You know what each day will bring. You know what to do and what not to do.

But to step out into new territory and purposely take yourself out of a comfort zone to fight for a dream, it just automatically puts you on a different level. It takes a certain drive..a different muscle to do that. The most successful people in the world at some point were very uncomfortable. These are the people who won’t have to look back and say the “wouldacouldashoulda’s”.

To be completely transparent with you all, even right now in moving to LA I’m not in the most comfortable position but it makes me makes me a character continues to be developed..I’m a student learning and discovering..doing new things..meeting new people..going to new heights..beginning to do what I KNOW I was put here to do on the level I know that I can do it. Just like any other phase in life, there is a time to be the student and a time to be the teacher.

I know that being in this position will not last forever but like I always’s a process. You have to believe in yourself to the core of your being that there is something more for you. And in that, it will make you keep pushing, keep pressing.

If it was so easy, don’t you think everybody would do it?!

While some nights I sit and eat my Ramen Cup O’Noodles or some days go window shopping or hit a dollar menu or have those moments where I have to think about what I wore last and where I’ll be hoping the same people won’t be there that saw me in that particular outfit last lol… I see the bigger picture!!

I chose this. I chose to start over for my life or I was not going to be happy.

It was either being comfortable or pure happiness and joy. I’ll take the latter over comfortable anyday.

In order to be extraordinary, you have to do extraordinary things. I’m definitely not ordinary. That’s why I am thousands of miles away from my family and friends. Who does that?! BEASTS, SURVIVORS, LEADERS, BELIEVERS.

Grant it, there are people I know who honestly can’t just up and become uncomfortable due to a family to feed or being a caretaker for a parent..whatever the case may be. You all are survivors too because you might have sacraficed your life to take care of a responsibility. That’s a different case.

I just so happen to have no children and no attachments at all so I had nothing to lose. I’m really speaking to my folks who are somewhat on the same page as I am.

It’s real out here and I will never give up. All at the same time, I have the most peace because I know, that I know, that I know, I am on the right path.

God has supported me through this whole journey and will do the same for those who have that super faith to solely depend on Him. All you need is Him.

My Sis Journii inspired me to write about this. The words she posted ring so true with me.

Most successful people were uncomfortable at some point in their life (look at Oprah…Tyler Perry… Katie Perry….Will SMith the list goes on)… Most of the time the closer you are to accomplishing your dreams the more uncomfortable you probably are/will be…anyone can flourish in comfortable settings but there’s something about being uncomfortable that breeds fighters and achievers … when you have nothing else to lose/when all the odds are stacked up against you it seems like you activate things within yourself that you never knew you had inside.. Complacency in comfort is hindering…. use discomfort to your advantage…. trust me I’ve had to so many times!

– Journii Walker

Do you have what it takes to fight for your life?! Don’t waste anymore time. GOOOOOOOOO!!


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