A Different Perspective On Broken Relationships – My Take


Is there a such thing as becoming unhurtable?!

I think it just means that you are not going to hold anyone responsible for how you feel anymore. You won’t give that power away anymore. You’ve finally got it and realize how fickle and fleeting people are…even yourself at times.

Hey, no one is immune to being human. That’s just who we are.

You won’t ever get so lost in trying to make sure your mate or whoever is pleased with you that you lose yourself. You won’t need to be acknowledged or validated because you’ve worked so hard at acknowledging and validating yourself. Those sorts of things would just be a nice thing to receive from the other person, not a lifeline. You’ve tapped into the source, true love, you, God.

And even when relationships come to an end, we have the power to stay at a higher frequency by saying, “This was just helping me define what I really want in relationships and thank you, my ex, for helping me define it.”

The harsh reality is when it comes to the point of no turning back, you have two choices. You can either be…
1. Without them and unhappy.
2. Without them and happy.

Which will it be?

Look at it like this and say, “I’m determined to be happy. I am more empowered by knowing what I do want now. You help me put it in a very clear way.”

How long are you willing to sit and wallow in the relationship that’s ended when right around the corner waiting for you is what you REALLY want?!

And if you keep on wallowing you will only stay at that same vibrational frequency which in turn will not be a good match to invite the relationship of your dreams into your life. And obviously, your past relationship isn’t either.

Your ex didn’t go because you weren’t lovely or worthy. They got exed because they aren’t on the same vibrational frequency of the desirable relationship that they helped you create in your mind. So that’s why you should be thanking them for all they did to help you become more clear about what you really want.

There is something so much bigger in your future than anything you’ve left behind.

Think like this, “I know the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with wouldn’t discard all of this so easily. I really must have been barking up the wrong tree and I didn’t know it. Maybe I’m glad this happened when it happened before I invested more of my life. This could have been a lifetime of a waste.”

Not to talk down on the other person at all, but you have to start thinking of whatever you have to to feel some kind of relief. There is no way to go from feeling dumped to feeling great in a day. It’s a process. But reaching for a better feeling and focusing on how that amazing relationship that is just waiting around the corner is going to make you feel definitely speeds things up.

The key is the law of detachment.

The greatest damage that a broken relationship does is make us aware of wanting something that we can’t have if we were the one that was left. It feels horrible to want something that someone else has a say in and they don’t agree with it.

But remember, they might have a say in whether they stay with you or not but you DO have a say in how you feel about it.

Focus on what feels good for you, regardless of what anyone else is doing. Eventually despair turns into anger..anger into hope..hope into being back in touch with you which is at the core, love.

In turn, you radiate this sense of who you are that eventually attracts someone else who appreciates who you are.

Sometimes this shift can even realign a relationship you thought was lost. It’s amazing how many relationships come back together because you have come back in alignment with yourself.

You can’t hold someone else responsible for the way you feel.

We need to say to each other, “I’m no longer holding you responsible for the way I feel. I’m holding myself responsible.”

I think our relationships will be so much more at ease. And I think that’s really what being unhurtable means.

Some insight from Abraham Hicks


2 thoughts on “A Different Perspective On Broken Relationships – My Take

  1. I am at the first stage of trying to heal a brokenheart. I feel so helpless and hopeless at the moment and missing my ex. Your words have helped put things into perspective. I’m at the despair stage. Not sure how long it will last for me

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate that. 🙂 Aaaw so sorry about your breakup! Ive been there. It takes time to heal but do know that there is reason for the breakup or you wouldnt have broken up. It seems like as soon as we go through a break up..we always start thinking about the good things. Even if you have to write down the reasons why you arent together to remind you of why anytime you start to question it…that helps. It helped me. There is a time to grieve but also a time to fight and be happy again. You have to fight for your happiness and know that this too shall pass. Eventually youll start to little bursts of joy to sometimes to all the time. Blessings to you and praying for your peace!!

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