Is It Really Jealousy? Are Your Feelings Valid?


We throw this word around a lot. But is your relationship giving you something to be jealous about legitimately?

We have become so out of touch with our intuitive nature that we’ve begun not to trust ourselves and what might be right in front of us.

Some of us blatantly SEE what’s really going on and still find a way to blame ourselves and say, “Well..I must be jealous. I’m not going to say anything cause I don’t want to be labeled the insecure or crazy woman/man.”

We have to be careful in how we are being treated. Because you begin to take it on and feel that you are responsible for the way he/she is acting.

What if your significant other continuously flirts with other people in front of you? Now flirting can mean different things to different people.

But let’s keep it funky here, when we are in tune with our mates..we KNOW what them flirting looks like. There is a different energy that they give off to that other person. There might be a certain intuitive antenna that goes off and you can really feel it.

But you don’t say anything or you let it slide because you don’t want to seem “jealous.”

Or maybe when they are not even around and you have this feeling that something is off, something is not right. Maybe there is valid reasoning why you are feeling that way.

I’m sure by now most of you reading this are saying to yourself, “Well maybe the person who gets jealous has some kind of deep rooted issue or insecurity. Maybe they have some issue with abandonment or something and until the root of the problem is dealt with they are going to be jealous in every relationship.” first reaction was that too coming from a mind that is analytical and deeply spiritual. But…

No. In some cases, that might be the case. But 9 chances out of 10, do we ever think that the other person is actually evidently giving them a reason to feel the way they feel?!

It’s one thing to look at yourself and to dig deep. Take some time out to examine yourself. Go through the process of cleaning yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

But do not abuse yourself and make yourself wrong for what you know is right, know is true, and know what you are seeing.

Put jealousy in it’s place.

Before you call it jealousy, examine it. Question it.

Is this a reoccurring feeling with this particular person? Are you suspicious more than jealous? Are you feeling like something is not right..some dishonesty going on? What does your eyes see? Is it evident and right in your face but you keep dismissing it?


Learn to work with your emotions. They are good. They are there for a reason. Many are protectants. What would mankind be if we didnt have emotions?
Machines, I guess lol.
Basically, we wouldn’t even be who we are without them. So why deny them?!

Nowadays people want to be quick to dismiss feelings. Our society today has desensitized us to not trust our own intuitions and what we feel. God gave us feelings for a reason. Of course keep it in context. But they are there for a REASON!

A lot of people forget or don’t even know that God actually spoke of this thing we call intuition in His Word.

In The Book of Job the 38th chapter, God was asking Job a series of rhetorical questions and in verse 36 He asks, “Who gives intuition and instinct?”


In getting to know yourself, you will trust yourself more and what you are feeling. It’s just like getting to know another person and building trust, it doesn’t happen overnight. But you’ll begin to learn the difference between an “I’m just trippin” emotion to a “Hmm..I need to really examine this” emotion.

Don’t just dismiss a feeling you can’t seem to shake. It’s knocking at you for a reason.

“Look deep within. But don’t make yourself the sin.” – NubiaISutton



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