Love Can Get Your Ass Spent


Can it, really?!

We often mistaken love for something else. Fear can sometimes be the culprit in things that we go through in relationships, not love.
We have to be able to check ourselves. I know I do.

I have to ask myself in all situations, “Am I honestly doing this out of love or fear?”

True love is freedom.

God IS love. Just think about how He treats us. He has given us the freedom of choice. He doesn’t ring our necks to make us do something. He doesn’t try to control us. He let’s us experience life and even when we get off track, we always find our way back to Him.


When you act out of love you let the other person receive and respond to your love in their own way, own time, and own space. No grasping or desperately trying to hold on to, own, or control. That’s true love.

If you sit and analyze your actions and it’s something other than that, you’re probably doing it out of fear. If you are going through a situation where you feel like you’re not being treated the way you should be treated. You’ve seriously tried to do all that you could to make it work on your part. Sometimes the only thing next to do is let it go or just ease up and live. Just let it do what it’s going to do.

It’s cliche’ to say but if that person and you are really meant to be together, sometimes it takes a break for both of you to step outside of the box to see it for what it really is. It could be good or not.

If you truly love someone, you can’t let fear set in because you’re afraid of being alone and losing the other person. You will just be in a relationship that continues to cause you strife based out of fear. In that, you can get so caught up in “chasing” the other person. When I say “chasing” in this context, I mean trying to do everything perfect, analyzing what you’ll say in the next conversation to make sure you don’t say anything wrong, acting like you feel ok when really you don’t. You find yourself doing all of that because you’re fearing losing them.

Eventually you’ll just begin to lose yourself and start to forget. Like wait a minute here!!! Remember how wonderful YOU are, how deserving of a good person YOU are, how beautiful/handsome YOU sexy..educated..ambitous..witty..funny..charismatic..driven..artistic..talented..loving..caring..faithful..loyal..respectful.. YOU are!!

Sorry yall..I went in a bit there. I was having a moment lol

And if you’re a woman reading this..YOU are the gift. Never ever settle for less than what you know you deserve. There will be someone out there who will appreciate and cherish your love and what you give. They will protect and take care of your heart.

Love will let it go. Love will trust that God will do what is in His will for the relationship. Love is wanting each other to be happy whether you’re together or not. Love is loving yourself FIRST and doing what is best for you which in turn is good for the relationship.

The Word of God says it best,

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

1 John 4:18 (NIV)

Love can get your ass FREE, not SPENT.


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