The Power Of Touch: Be Careful


Remember growing up when the matriarchs of your family used to tell you,

“Don’t be just letting anybody touch your hair! Don’t let everybody be in your hair!”

That was instilled in me growing up. You weren’t even supposed to leave your hair in a comb or brush.

Back then it was believed that people carried different energies through touch. They either had hands to help heal & grow or to damage. You just didn’t let someone be in your hair for any reason.

Sometimes people are going through their own problems, sickness, anger, troubles on their mind, etc. and the idea is that they can transfer that negative energy into your hair. Our hair is on our head which is our crown. That’s not a metaphor. That is real. Our crown meaning majestic, regalness, esteem, power.

Have you ever been at a football game in cool weather and the football players take off their helmets on the side line and you can actually see steam coming from the head?! I have. That’s energy. Everything around us is energy.

Let’s look at it on an even deeper level. If energy can get transferred just by touching, imagine what can be passed through sexual intercourse or even just a kiss. Pause. Think about THAT! Deep, isn’t it?!

I think in this day in age that moral has been lost in everything.

This is funny but real lol. While in a relationship, an actual pet peeve of mine is to see someone touching my man’s hair or head. It’s just something so precious to me. Of course, I’m a lady I’m not going to cause a scene or go in but if we have gotten to the point where we are an official couple, by then we would’ve had that conversation. Some things just happen and you can’t control what someone else does if they just walk up to you and touch your hair out of the blue. That’s common sense. But yall know what I’m saying lol! It just hits that little nerve when I see that cause you don’t know what that person is carrying with them.

We need to be careful with who we allow in our personal space especially intimate touching as simple as your hair and even the hand that prepares your food. Hence, the reason why we should say grace before we eat anything even when we dine out. It really truly does matter.

Have you ever just out of no where felt down, depressed, or just a heaviness on your emotions and you don’t even know why?!

Think about who you have been around. Think about who you’ve been letting touch you. Think about who you’ve let come into your home. I guarantee you that you’ll find your answer in that.

I continue to pray for guidance and discernment in who I allow to be in my personal space. It’s very important for us to be mindful of that. Set boundaries for yourself.
There are good spirits just as well as bad ones. And in this day, there is warfare everytime you step out of your door.

Before I close, I would like to pray.

Heavenly Father, thank You for the continuous blessings that flow through my life each day. I ask for your protection. Please send your angels around me to help guide me in choosing the right people to allow in my personal space. I ask that if there is anyone in my life at this time that carries anything other than what You stand for, I pray for the discernment to know intuitively. I pray also for the wisdom to do what is best and what is in Your will for our relationship. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.


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