Speak It, Believe It, and It Shall Be! BET Awards 2013


Last year around this time, I used to sit at home in St.Louis doing vision boards, affirmations, and practice speaking things as if they already were. Don’t get me wrong I was a skeptic but I said to myself, “What do I have to lose? Give it a shot. Do the work and believe to the depths of your soul that these things will manifest. Why not?!”

Me and my homegirl held each other accountable anytime we started doubting or started speaking against whatever it was that we wanted to happen for us.

I say all this to say, IT WORKS!!

I spoke this into the atmosphere last year and the seed was planted. I didn’t know how, when, or what but here I am.

I will be going to the 2013 BET Awards on June 30!!!! Of course, I won’t be a performer YET lol But I will be there and that alone means so much to me.

The very thing I used to sit back home miles and miles away, setting my DVR for, watching and dreaming to be at..I AM GOING TO BE THERE!!

This might not be a big deal to some. But for me, it’s evidence that God is supporting me and He hears me. He is with me every step of the way.

And He sees and hears you too!! Speak it, Visualize it, Believe it, and IT SHALL BE!!


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