Heaven Sent :: KING


So check it!!

Shame on me for just now GETTING IT!! They are based out of LA and I just missed them at Sayers in April. I have been seeing these girls videos and the EP promotional picture posted everywhere. I even had a homegirl of mine shoot me some links to listen to some of their music. I loved what I heard but for some reason it just hit me at this moment.

I was on YouTube looking at videos about natural hair LOL….
and came across a YouTubers video that had this fresh sounding melodic song playing as the soundtrack that touched the depths of my soul. It sounds so corny but there is no other way to describe it. I wasn’t even paying attention to what the video was about anymore because the music was so beyond beautiful. My ears were in HEAVEN!!!!

I paused the video and immediately commented and asked about getting details on this dope fresh azz music I was hearing.

I couldn’t even wait so I listened closely to the lyrics, took a phrase that was repetitive in the song, and googled it. WHO DOES THAT?! That’s just how bad I had to find out WHO THIS WAS! As some of you may know, I am a singer myself so it really takes something very very special to capture me like that.

I hit that search button and BAM!! There it was, KING! This song that captured me like no music has in a very long time was, “The Story” by KING.

So I went back to YouTube and listened to EVERY song they have. I looked at EVERY live video. I went to the official website. I read every interview I could find. And I ultimately bought the EP and downloaded it.

I’m going to write a whole other blog post on them because it’s just too much lol. I’m too excited. I know without a shadow of a doubt that these ladies are going very far. Their music is just breathtaking and so meaningful. All I could keep saying over and over again as I listened with chills was, “OMG..OMG..OMG!” lol

If you’re not hip, get hip!

“In The Meantime” is their new single off the debut full length album coming out soon. These ladies are so special and unique. I am definitely a fan now and I wish them all the best.

Listen to the song that sent me into oblivion lol. This song has so much more meaning than the obvious..so deep. They have more jewels on the EP too.

I’m in love.

Here is “The Story” by KING


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