California Love



I’ve made some crazy choices in life. Boa, have we all?! lol But moving to LA has been one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made.
LA might not be for some people what it has been for me. Some people can’t stand the congestion of traffic, the higher cost of living, or the consistent warmer climate. Some people like to experience four seasons. Some people move here for the typical dream to be a star. I have to admit, my move was partly because of the massive opportunities in the industry. But I also just simply like the area.

So this is not to convince or persuade anyone to pack up and move here or to hate on other cities. This is just a pure opinionated perceptive expression of why I am so in love with my new city.

I love my first home, Jefferson City and St.Louis in Missouri. Jeff City is where I was born and raised into my preteens. It’s smack dab in the middle of Missouri and the capital city. I don’t think you can go anywhere more conservative and laidback than there. It’s a very nice place to raise a family because of the extremely low crime rate, the slow-pace, and cost of living. The cost of living is almost zero. You can live for FREE in JC. Just kidding! There is no diversity whatsoever, majority Caucasians. You can get anywhere in the city in less than 10 minutes. It’s about the easiest living you can get nowadays.

My mother always wanted to leave JC because of the small town mindset and there isn’t a lot of diversity there. She wanted me and my 2 older brothers to experience other things. So she took a job at Lambert Airport in St.Louis back in the early 90s and that’s where we have been ever since.

Jefferson City is 28 sq miles to St.Louis’ 66 sq miles.

There really isn’t a lot of diversity in St.Louis. There are mostly Caucasians and Black Americans with certain smaller municipals within St.Louis that are mostly populated by Hispanics. You can live a fairly comfortable life on a salary in the 40s-50s a year. You have Family Dollars and Dollar Generals on almost every corner, just as well as Aldi which makes it comfortable to survive there. If you drive a Mercedes, BMW, or Lexus that is a sign of luxury. In LA, that’s a regular car. In the urban areas, if you have a muscle car like a Charger, Camaro, or will even get attention. In the metro part of STL, the crime rate is pretty high. I think that’s because there is nothing to really do. I love it in the Fall when you see all the leaves on the trees change colors. We have some of the BEST talent you will ever hear in St.Louis. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the BEST in the city. St.Louis has a lot of historical elements that make it interesting in it being the Gateway to the West. I love it for that.

But with all that, I still yearned for more. I still needed a big change. It’s so easy to get comfortable. The Midwest is very conservative. Most people never venture outside of that for the comfort. You don’t meet a lot of people from other cities there.

St.Louis’ 66 sq miles has nothing on LA’s 500 sq miles. That gives you a scope of how much bigger it is.

With a bigger city, naturally there are way more options.
I first “discovered” LA back in 2010 when the All-Star Game was here. I came to visit my brother and it just took my breath away. I knew I wanted to come back. So I attempted to move back out last summer in 2012, I stayed for a little under 4 months. That’s when I got to spend time actually living in the city.

I fell in love.

I had to go back to St.Louis for a little bit just to kind of get myself better prepared to move back out and STAY this time. And I have to say this, going back to St.Louis after that 4 month “trial” really made me realize how much I wanted to live here. It really solidified the longing. It confirmed my desire and kind of put a cap on all the doubts I had about it. I am an official “California Girl” now.
When you mention LA, the first thing people mention is the cost of living.
To sum it up, you get what you pay for. That’s with almost anything.

Where do I start?! The weather. The mountains. The ocean & beach. The palm trees. The diversity in food, clothes, cultures, even MEN lol. The massive amount of things to do. There are still many parts of LA I haven’t seen and many extracurricular activities I haven’t done. The nightlife. The hiking. The biking. The access to gyms and wellness. The cars. The houses. The opportunities. The options.

It truly is a city of opportunity.

What we call the ghetto back home in St. Louis, in LA, that’s like what our nice areas look like. I laugh when I’m riding in the car with a home girl and they say, “This is the ghetto.” I’m always like, “Girl please! This is nothing. This is nice. I’ll show you a ghetto.” LMBO!!
L.A. is like a melting pot. It’s a coastal city so this is one of the first cities people come to from other countries. With that being said, the types of foods here are endless. And even if you like to date other races, LA is definitely a city where there is variety.
Since the weather is nice all the time, people like to stay fit and healthy. Now don’t get it twisted, what you see on TV all the time are stereotypes of LA. It’s just TV. Just as many fit people that are here, there are just as many average bodied people too. LA is not ALL Hollywood. Everybody is not bougee or stuck-up. Hollywood is just one of many areas in LA and it’s actually one of the dirtiest cities here.
I could go on and on forever but I’d be writing a book.

LA opens you up to endless possibilities. You have CHOICES here. The overall quality of life is just better to me. You almost HAVE to do better for yourself. If you’ve never been an outdoor person, trust me, you come here, you will become one. It’s just too gorgeous all the time. And our bodies were meant to move not sit, right?! So even in that alone, you’re subconsciously doing better for yourself by getting out and moving around.
Sometimes I don’t even think the native L-Aliens really appreciate what they have in their own backyard. They don’t know anything different. It’s so beautiful.

I’m so excited about what’s to come!


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