It’s A Process. We Just Need To Trust It.



We are not divinely smart enough to know timing. We think we know when we should have certain things, but we don’t. Only God knows the perfect time.

Think of it like this: We enjoy our meals. We love to be satisfied by our meals. But we like getting our meals one by one in a sequence everyday at certain times. But could you imagine getting all of those wonderful meals all at once?! A lifetime worth of awesome delicious meals at the same time?! You don’t want all of that at once in one day. You want them to be scattered so you can enjoy these meals throughout your lifetime.

In our heads, we want it all NOW! But everything is not supposed to happen NOW!

Blessings are disbursed in sequence. We have to trust the process.

There is nothing you can do to earn what is yours already. You work hard and do the very best that you can but there always comes a point where you have to just sit back and relax. Trust.

There is nothing you can do to make the sunrise and set. It just does it by nature. You can do all the rituals and all these things but it has no effect on what is supposed to happen anyway.

It’s about working and giving just as much as relaxing and receiving. We forget about the latter part sometimes because we forget to let it flow. We keep going and going in distraction..

If we keep asking the questions, we won’t hear the answer unless we take time out to be quiet and listen.

Allow. Life feels so much better when we just relax and allow. You don’t have to be super happy or super angry. Just try to look at things in a higher vibration…in a healthier perspective. Worrying, being anxious, or frustrated over things you can’t control doesn’t serve you. And if it doesn’t serve you don’t give it any time or energy.

Let GO and know that everything is going to be ok..more than ok. Trust the process.


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