Dope New Music – “I Would Die For U” Prince Cover by Keisha Renee



When I first heard this beast of a vocalist, I was in a rehearsal with her for a small set we were on together at Cafe Entourage in Los Angeles.

I about died.

This young lady is the truth! Since meeting her, I have watched her journey and I’m so happy to share this with you.

From American Idol Season 10 to being known as the powerhouse voice endorsed by Nicki Minaj, Keisha Renee releases her latest cover “I Would Die for You,” originally recorded by Prince and The Revolution on the world renowned album Purple Rain.

Renee worked with Producer, arranger and husband Sean2 Miles to bring the world what she calls “real music.”

Since seen on American Idol, Renee has toured, recorded and graced the stage with some of industries hottest including Grammy Award winner Jill Scott (2011), Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday Roman Reloaded Tour” in 2012 and Adam Lambert’s “We are Glamily Tour” in 2012 and 2013, and is now venturing into reasoning with her gracious fans to bring them hot, fresh material.

The Los Angeles native is ready to see what the world thinks as she begins “The Covers Unveiled Series” which will follow her every Monday as she releases her rendition to some of her favorite songs recorded by influencers, moguls and role models until the release of her new EP.

Keisha Renee won’t confirm or deny whether Nicki Minaj has signed her, yet stating, “Nicki is a very busy woman. She’s focused on many things right now”.

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