He Knew


For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. – Ecclesiastes 3:1

I was given a track to write to. Someone called my bluff.
“You are a songwriter, right?! Well here is your shot. Write something.”
Talk about immediate anxiety attack smh.

I haven’t been able to write in years. I was born a writer. I’ve had the most serious longest case of writers block eveeeeer. Any writers reading this, you know it’s not a game. It’s been so long I thought I lost it. I recently got so concerned that I even just wrapped up taking an online Songwriting Course from Berklee College of Music. I felt maybe I needed the fundamentals again. I really learned some great things taking that class.

But why?! For something that God gave me naturally?! For someone who had been writing songs since she was 5?!

This is serious. I was that little girl in the 80s who carried the little Fisher Price tape recorder and mic around getting on my family members nerves making up songs all day. As I got older and a little bit more advanced, I even upgraded to 2 tape recorders and started harmonizing to my pre-recordings. And don’t let me make up a song for the answering machine lol..yeah yall remember that used to be what was up LMBO!!

But seriously, I was willing to do anything to get my flow back. It got so bad I even started questioning calling myself a songwriter anymore.
It would be like if I was asked to sing and nothing would come out. Devastating, right?! Yeah! I’ve been praying for years about this.

But God!

In the gist of me relocating to LA, at the perfect moment, the most perfect time in my life, right on the spot..I put the pen to the paper and it just started to flow. I felt like a miracle just took place. My eyes were full of water as I continued to do what I’ve been destined to do. My God knew this time would come. He KNEW!!

Trust Him yall..just TRUST HIM! #overwhelmed


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