Dope New Music – “The Other Side” by Alex Isley



I can hear my mother, grandmother, and aunt telling me as a little girl, “Just sing the song girl! You can do a little bit of running and riffing to make it your own but never over do it. Just sing!!” So funny.

Alex Isley is one of those singers. If I can use one word to describe her voice I’d call it..blissful. Her style is smooth, airy, and just refreshing. Again, a timeless, classic voice that reminds you of our legendary jazz singers.

She has worked with several artists on different projects be it on background vocals, writing, or producing. She writes, arranges, and produces her own music. It’s in the bloodline. Hence the last name, she comes from a family of famous artists, The Isley Brothers. Ernie Isley is her father.

Check out her new single release, “The Other Side” off of her soon to be released new project, Dreams In Analog. It’s giving me spring love on a 75 degree sunny day in Cali. By the way, she is an LA girl too.

Follow her. She is definitely a beast out here. GET INTO IT! Enjoy!


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